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FOX - Vintage Fur Bomber Jacket black


This unique bomber jacket in black (MA-1 style) is lined with real FOX fur. The fur lining is super soft and keeps you warm on cold winter days. The outside shell is water repellent and keeps you dry from rain and snow. The fur totally covers your torso and the arms are lined with classic orange fabric. Otherwise it will get really hot inside. When the jacket is closed, the fur is not visible but you will feel hugged by a supersoft fox. The cut is tight at the waist and loose around the shoulders. If you are <185cm a medium will fit perfectly. If you are unsure what size will fit, just contact us via Mail or Instagram.

Shell: 100% Nylon
Lining torso: 100% Vintage FOX Fur*
Lining arms: 100% cotton
MEDIUM and LARGE available
Colour of fur may vary
Made in Europe

*All our fur products are made out of handpicked vintage fur. This means we reuse high quality fur from unsold stocks. We do not support fur farms.

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